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Reimage repair:How It Works...
With surgical precision, Reimage diagnoses operating system problems, and replaces objects detected as faulty or missing on the PC. By accessing a web repository that stores 25 million components and registry objects, Reimage repairs programs, refreshes drivers and removes bugs and glitches - while maintaining the integrity of the user data.
Reimage repair flow
Repair PC

* Reimage detects missing system files on the PC. The specific component is accessed from the web repository, and installed later.
* Once you initiate the analysis process, you can watch system information displayed on the screen. We aggregate the most meaningful hardware parameters, such as system temperature and memory chips, in deep data.
* As ReImage monitors the system elements, it notes any abnormalities or anything missing, and remembers to normalize objects that need to fit the current system configuration. One simple example of abnormality: a fresh system element may require tweaking if ReImage realizes that a Windows system is installed on drive D instead of on the default C drive.
* Reimage conducts an overall integrity check of PC-installed device drivers to ensure that all installed drivers function well.
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Just look what Reimage can do for you...

* Repair clients' PCs in a fraction of the time
* Replace malfunctioning software without having to reinstall all the software
* Repair programs and refresh drivers
* Download missing files from a huge web repository
* Maintain user data integrity
Key Benefits:

Dramatic reduction in repair time - Using standard broadband internet connection, it takes as little as 20 minutes for Reimage to complete the repair cycle and for the system to recover all damaged software objects.
Dramatic enhancement in status - Your new level of control over repair outcome improves your status in the eyes of your client.


Reimage Repair ist eine Shareware-Software aus der Kategorie System & Utilities, die von entwickelt wird.

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Die neueste Version ist, veröffentlicht am 11.09.2017. Die erste Version wurde unserer Datenbank am 09.04.2009 hinzugefügt.

Reimage Repair läuft auf folgenden Betriebssystemen: Windows. Die Download-Datei hat eine Größe von 0,6MB.

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